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 Стоимость съемки - от проекта.  Стоимость обучения - от системы занятий и программы.

 Аренда студии (85кв.м.) с оборудованием под проекты 7тыс. рублей за рабочую смену(10часов)



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

This site will give you some ideas about my creative work and my sense of life.

In the «women & men» section you are going to see images of very bright, beautiful and unquestionably charismatic people I was lucky enough to deal with closely and fruitfully. You will also see some fashion-photos for «Happy» magazine, as well as some pictures from private photo sessions.

«photo projects» is a section where separate works, as well as series of photos, united by one idea, theme or title are presented.

«prints store» includes fair-sized, high-resolution pictures, ready for printing and sale, saved to CD or DVD (author’s collections and other lots).

Having our own photo studio «Fame studio production», and great experience in professional work and training, we are able to conduct photo courses and master classes. Group and individual classes are available. Interactive training is also possible. Online learning can be at my school www.sova1.com

In the «contacts» section you can ask questions you are interested in, order photo sessions and prints. You will also find there links.

Thank you for you interest and attention!

Vasily Fetisov.

«Fame Studio production» Chief-photographer, a member of the Russian Union of Photo-artists.